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About Us

H. D. Law has been serving various legal issues with proven success.

We are consistent, patient and professional, giving each new case our undivided attention whilst walking you through each step of the process.


Mr. Hussain Dholkawala is the Founder of the Firm. Mr. Dholkawala coming from a community which beliefs in ‘vyapaar’ (business) and being from a family where his forefather has been a businessman has chosen to take a different path and not follow the family legacy. However, being surrounded by business minded people all over Mr. Dholkawala is conscious of the various challenges and shortcomings which every business house faces.

With a vision to help business houses especially small business houses who do not have the available resources in dealing with various complex legal, financial and compliance issues Mr. Dholkawala has founded H.D. Law to focus on providing high quality, business oriented, innovative and cost-effective legal and financial solutions to clients.

The Firm believes in the idea of providing one roof solutions to all the needs of clients be it legal issues, secretarial-compliance matters, taxation and financial matters. With this idea in mind the Firm has built a big network of professionals with experienced lawyers, chartered accountants, company secretaries, costs and management accountants, engineers and architects in all major metro cities of India. As such, the Firm in well placed to service the requirements of its clients across India in all fields of law as well as adequately equipped to handle and provide professional assistance.

What makes the Firm different from its contemporaries is the approach and concept of the Firm to be ‘client specific’. The Firm closely works with its client and tries to understand their goals and mission and provide solutions which assists them to achieve their goals.

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