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Our Legal Practices


Arbitration as a dispute resolution mechanism has gained an immense popularity in recent times. The extensive party autonomy, flexibility and timely delivery of justice makes arbitration a preferred choice for litigants and especially India Inc. The Firm has a thorough understanding and expertise to deal matter under Arbitration.

Civil Litigation

The Firm has a robust and strong base in Civil Litigation. From ordinary money recovery suits up to the complex commercial/property disputes the Firm provides the same dedicated and qualified representation to all its clients.

Corporate Law Practice

Corporate Law Practice is one of the pre-eminent area of practice of the Firm. The Firm is extensively involved in corporate matters. From incorporation of a Company to its dissolution, the Firm provides full platter services in corporate matters. The Firm has an in depth knowledge and capability in dealing with Corporate Laws be it Companies Act 2013 advisory and compliance matters, SEBI Act and regulations or RBI compliances. The Firm is involved in all the matters and proceedings and represents its clients before various corporate judicial/quasi-judicial bodies

Criminal Litigation

The Firm has acquaintance, familiarity and sound understanding of criminal jurisprudence. The Firm is equipped to handle bail and anticipatory bail matters in Magistrate and Sessions Courts, and also has an excellent competence to deal with Matters relating to quashing of FIRs, Criminal Writ Petitions before the Hon’ble High Court.

Corporate Restructuring

Restructuring basically means a considerable alteration made to the debt, operations, structure or arrangement of a company.  Gone are the days when restructuring of businesses was consider only during difficult time. In present scenario restructuring of business in an indispensable and a must activity for the growth of any business activity.

Cyber Law

Computers, mobile phones and internet has become an essential part of our live. Every transaction, communication and business dealing requires cyberspace. An increasing dependency on the cyberspace has resulted in excessive cybercrimes. Cases of data theft, cyber stalking, cyber harassment, financial frauds etc., has affected a large portion of the population.
The Firm has developed a strong practice in dealing with various cybercrimes.

Data Protection  and Privacy Law

By now we all have heard ‘Data is the new Oil’. The manner in which data is been exploited and used by corporate giants and political parties for their personal gains raises concerns and demands a stringent law in force. The present Personal Data Protection Bill tabled in parliament which imposes hefty new compliances will be applicable to almost all business houses.

Estate Planning and Inheritance

Last thing an individual wants is his/her family members disputing over his/her inherited estate. Although, unfortunate but court battles between the family members over the estate of the deceased is very common these days.  It is often noticed that basis for such disputes has been seen due to improper or at many cases no estate planning.

Intellectual Property Rights

This branch of law has always excited the Firm, though being an intangible asset, the potential which the intellectual property right has in growth and development of the business is incredible and beyond belief. The Firm is conscious of the importance of intellectual property like trademark, copyright, design patent etc., as it plays an important role in the growth of an individual and business.

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law

Lending money is a risky affair in the Country, although we have several debt recovery laws, the effectiveness of the same was minimalist. The creditors who lend finance often have to face severe hardships and courtroom dramas to recover its money back. On the other hand the debtors/ promoters of the companies who have availed such loans continue to run their businesses and default to various other parties and stakeholders for several years.


Mediation as a dispute resolution tool can be found since ancient India, where complicated cases were resolved not in the King’s court but by the King’s mediator. The concept of Mediation has received legislative recognition for more than two decades now. However, unfortunately the litigants/aggrieved party are hesitant to adopt this course of proceeding to resolve disputes.

Real Estate

Immovable property is an imperishable asset, ever increasing in value which an individual and/or a family possesses. It being a scare resource in a city like Mumbai the prices of the same are sky rocketing. Given the value addition and security which real estate provides, it makes real estate market very lucrative and therefore disputes in real estates are inseparable.

Transactional & Advisory

Business transactions involves multiple complexity and issues to be addressed before entering into a new venture/deal. Be it from a taxation point of view, financial constraints or legal and compliance matters, the Firm with its vast experience and acumen assists its clients in dealing with complex multi-party transactions smoothly in time.

White Collar Crime

Economic and Corporate frauds has become a recurrent event of fast growing India. It involves various complex economic issues such as window dressing of accounts, siphoning of public funds, corruption and mis-management of companies for personal gains etc.

Young Entrepreneurs /Start-ups

Young Entrepreneurs: The Founder of the firm is a business enthusiast and has a strong desire to assist budding entrepreneurs in setting up and running their business ventures. It has been observed by the Firm that although innovative ideas are available with many Indian Millennial, the ability to convert the idea into a good business venture is done by only a few. Lack of proper guidance, non-availability of finances at reasonable costs, hefty compliance's, registrations etc., makes lives of the Entrepreneurs/Start-ups difficult and leads to diversion of energy from the core business idea.

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