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Data Protection and Privacy Law

By now we all have heard ‘Data is the new Oil’. The manner in which data is been exploited and used by corporate giants and political parties for their personal gains raises concerns and demands a stringent law in force.

The present Personal Data Protection Bill tabled in parliament which imposes hefty new compliances which will be applicable to almost all business houses. Moreover, the Bill also proposes to setup an authority i.e. Data Protection Authority to regulate the law. Thus, developing a data compliant system and syncing present Data handling system with the statutory obligations is essential.

The Firm has attain significant expertise and knowledge in advising its client on various issues relating to data and information management and practical aspects. The Firm provides advisory services to its clients on data processing, complying with the regulatory requirements. The Firm also provides support in drafting legally compliant agreements, drafting data policies of companies and counselling services in complying international data protection law including General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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