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Mediation as a dispute resolution tool can be found since ancient India, where complicated cases were resolved not in the King’s court but by the King’s mediator. The concept of Mediation has received legislative recognition for more than two decades now. However, unfortunately the litigants/aggrieved party are hesitant to adopt this course of proceeding to resolve disputes.

The Firm is very positive on this method of dispute resolution and believes it to be an efficacious method for resolving commercial and family business disputes in a timely and cost effective manner.

The Firm’s approach has always been to use this as a first medium of resolving the dispute rather than the last resort. The Firm’s sound commercial knowledge gives an added advantage to its clients to resolve the dispute through mediation. The Firm is thoroughly guided with the principles of leaving aside the flame of resentment which houses litigation, to have a win-win approach for all parties.

The Firm has an access to industry experts who assists the Firm and clients in a complex industry/sector specific matters.

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