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Got Huge Medical Bills for Covid-19 Treatment? Check out whom to Complaint & Get Refund.

Updated: May 7, 2021

One of the lethal impacts of Covid-19, it gives a big dent on the savings of the individual. The medical treatment and hospitalization costs are huge. However, in order to combat this situation & make Covid-19 treatment affordable the Government of Maharashtra (“MAHA-G”) has come out with a noble solution by putting a cap on the Hospitals for fees they can charge for the Covid-19 treatment. As per the notification the price fixed by MAHA-G is as under:

Though a price capping is been done by MAHA-G, the newspaper reports of Hospital flouting the rules and price cap are many. We have come across many reports where hospitals have charged 10-12 Lakh for Covid-19 treatment. The itemized bills of such hospitals shall include all sort of extra charges which are not allowed.

In order to tackle this situation & address the grievances of Covid-19 Patients the Municipal Corporations of Mumbai, Thane & Kalyan has appointed Auditors who will scrutinize the bills of the patients who complained of overcharging. Once the Auditor is satisfied that the patient is overcharged the matter will be taken up with hospital for refund. Patients can raise their grievances via email on dedicated email address mentioned below:

IF you find that your hospital has charged you higher than the price capped by MAHA-G (as per table above) you can raise your grievance for overcharging on the email address mentioned to the respective authority, as per the area of your hospital.

The necessary details to be mentioned in the email will be a) Full Name of the Patient admitted b) Age c) No. of days hospitalized (preferably date on which admitted and discharge d) your contact number e) Attach Aadhaar Card of the Patient & f) Attach Hospital Bill.

If you find any difficult or if the authorities are not responding feel free to get in touch with us, we will assist you in taking up your matter with the authorities’, pro-bono.

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